Saturday, May 16, 2009

3rd week of August 1975

"Jive Talkin'" is a song by the Bee Gees

The song was originally called "Drive Talking". The song's rhythm was modeled after the sound a car would make crossing the bridge from Biscayne Bay into Miami. The sound of the car's tires were making a "Chicka, Chicka, Chicka," sound, which was used vocally before the group sings the title of the song. Producer Arif Mardin wished to market the song toward the teen market, and suggested the change to "Jive Talkin'" (the phrase "jive talkin'", slang for "telling lies", was a popular colloquialism at the time). Barry Gibb wrote the song and then had to fix the lyrics upon completion because he had assumed "jive talkin'" referred to "speaking in jive", a then-popular term for African-American Vernacular English. All actual "talking jive" references were fixed so they meant "lying".

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